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How to repair DOC file of corrupted Microsoft Word documents

Modified on 01/01/2019

DOC Repair Kit is a comprehensive Microsoft Word DOC repair tool with immense potential and an interface that makes the entire procedure a snap. Based on a lightning-fast proprietary core, the program knows how to repair Word DOC files in situations when other tools appear completely helpless.

The repairing of corrupted *.doc file of Microsoft Word document - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download DOC Repair Kit here:
  2. Install DOC Repair Kit
  3. Start DOC Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted document
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press OK
  7. Preview a recovered text
  8. Press Start Recovery button and select item:
    • Export to MS Word to export into new Word document
    • Save as Plain Text to save text file

Microsoft Word DOC repair tool

How to repair Word DOC files?

DOC Repair Kit is a cutting-edge Microsoft Word DOC repair tool based on a fast proprietary core developed by the leading engineers of Repair Tool. Using a combination of intelligent algorithms, the program effortlessly opens the most seriously damaged .doc files, scans their internal structure, identifies recoverable content elements and extracts as much text as possible. The program knows how to repair Word DOC files better and faster than its closest competitors, and is a perfect choice for users who deal with numerous .doc files on a daily basis and regularly face the problem of DOC file corruption. The latter can be caused by various reasons, including hardware and software crashes, software bugs and virus attacks, but the outcome is usually the same: users can no longer open their files and ask themselves one short question - how to repair DOC file?

DOC Repair Kit knows the answer to this question and provides everything necessary for fast and smooth Word data recovery. To make the program usable for people with basic computer skills and no first-hand experience in data recovery (who don't know how to repair DOC files online), the developers of the DOC Repair Kit used a convenient wizard as a foundation of the program's interface. The wizard consists of a few quick steps that require a minimum of user involvement and fully automate the process of DOC file recovery.

The program comes with an integrated text preview feature that allows the user to preview recoverable text in ASCII and Unicode encodings before extracting it. The product extracts text only and does not support the recovery of images, charts or any other embedded objects. This online .doc file repair tool sports a special text clean-up feature that ensures that the extracted text is clean and free of tags, system characters and other unwanted "rubbish" elements.

How to repair DOC files online?

The program is by far the best solution for users who have never dealt with similar software, yet urgently looking for a tool that would show them how to repair .doc file of Microsoft Word without spending days and a fortune on specialized data recovery services.

Online .DOC file repair tool

Below are some of the most remarkable features of DOC Repair Kit:

  • Fast, comprehensive and ultimately efficient file analysis engine based on several intelligent algorithms
  • Clean, lightweight and self-explanatory interface using the multi-step wizard model
  • Built-in file preview
  • Powerful text clean-up functionality which ensures that recovered texts are clean, readable and contain no "rubbish" elements
  • Support of all major versions of Windows and the DOC format
  • Direct recovery of texts to MS Word
  • Compact installation file size that takes seconds to download
  • No additional components (like frameworks or libraries) are required for the program to operate
  • Detailed log is shown at the end of each recovery session
How to repair .DOC file Microsoft?

The demo version of DOC Repair Kit can be downloaded for free from the official site of Repair Kit.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Chinex 2021-09-21

Very awesome it good

Jace Fowler 2021-03-29

Make a program like this on Mac, the program is very useful. Installed on an old laptop in Win 32bit.

Scribacious Lobster 2021-02-26

Service is a miracle! On the forums, I read a lot of programmers who write that .docx can be manually repaired, but you need to set up a bunch of paid programs. The cheapest and the fastest option. Thanks for the file!

Nasir Lachlan 2021-02-15

Some parts of the diagrams are missing in the repaired .doc file. The text and images are doing well.

Gaberlunzie 2021-01-19

Unfortunately, I could not recover the Word file that was damaged by a virus. P.S file is completely not working and has the extension .tmp instead of .doc - these are the consequences of the virus

Troikago9908 2020-12-18

I was sent a sample resume on which I had to apply for a job abroad. But the problem was that the files after being sent by email became unreadable and invalid. When asked to send first, they said that the documents are in order. The emigration phase began even before leaving the country. Fortunately, I was able to repair the resume samples and I was able to send them to the employer.

Vegatultz 2020-12-07

My MS Word file was corrupted and refused to open. After the fixed, Chinese characters appeared in the file, namely in the second table. Is there a way to correct them? Since the rest of the tables and paragraphs repair correctly.

Montane 2020-07-03

My .PDF and .DOC documents from infected virus PC cannot be complete recovery after opening in Adobe Reader DC. Also, I have successfully repaired .PDF here. But I am having problems fixing a .DOC file. The contents of DOC file were repaired separately: in the middle of text inserted footnotes. It was easy to correct. Excellent service! You can repair corrupted files without download any software.

JakonDaedal 2020-06-19

MS Word was unable to find the correct encoding format for my document, which was damaged and saved in an unknown encoding format. After correcting this error in the text, some letters were replaced with hieroglyphs

Palliament 2020-06-05

After the virus, all my Word files were damaged and renamed to deletedfile.doc. When opening a .DOC file, MS Word 2007 shows the error "It may be corrupt". The text in the document was restored, but I also had notes for some lines and footnotes in the document that could not be restored. It is possible to view the damaged file before payment, only because of this I put 4.

yusron 2019-12-24


RAY PRINCE 2018-09-08

service fixed my corrupt Word file within few clicks. Its works really well and I m glad to use it...

CRENNAJUDE 2017-02-04

My doc file got corrupt after improper system termination. I keep on trying to open it, but it constantly showing error. I was working on that word document from past I month so I'm quite worried about the stuff on it. Using this service I successfully repaired my doc files along with its original format... Cool Software!!!

J.TERRENCE 2016-07-12

Doc repair Kit actually works for my old .doc files from old version of Office. It works in online service too. Thanks!

GRACER 2015-01-22

tried on a pc, it worked. bought for a mac, tool doesn't work, online-service have the same features.

TOBBY CARTER 2014-11-17

It fixed my Word Office documents without damaging it further. But I lost part images.


Easy interface. Simple using. Quick .DOC file repair process.

LETTO MORRIS 2013-04-28

Easy file repair process Saved my valuable time by quickly repairing my old corrupt Word .doc documents

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